Phillis Wheatley

Phillis Wheatley was one of the first few African-Americans who were considered published poets during her time. In fact, she was the second of her race to be able to successfully publish poems and the first woman of her race to do so. Even when she was young, Wheatley had a passion for writing. She was actually born in Africa but she was brought to America and was sold to numerous merchants as a slave.

There was really no question that Wheatley had great talent when writing poems. Unfortunately, a lot of white people during her time were very skeptical that a black woman like herself would be able to come up with such work. Because of this, Phillis Wheatley went to court and was examined for the legitimacy and originality of her work. It was then proven that she really had the ability to do so and she was also able to tackle two important genres which are the literature of a Black American and the literature of a Black Woman.

Majority of Wheatley’s poems were actually elegies to famous personalities and the rest also had religious and Christian themes. A lot of people are still wondering why she focused more on other people when writing poems when she had a good inspiration if she wrote about her own experiences with slavery growing up. 

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