Percy Bysshe Shelley

For many people, poetry is a language that man explores with amazement. For others, it is a form of describing heaven and earth with a single word while speaking of himself as well as his dilemmas. One of the famous poets of his time and at present is Percy Bysshe Shelley from Sussex, England.

Shelley was born on august 4, 1792 in Filed Place Sussex, England. He is the eldest son to timothy and Elizabeth Shelly. Being the first born, he is in line of inheriting the large estate of his grandfather as well as a seat in the Parliament.

When Shelley got married he moved to England’s Lake District to study at the same time, follow his passion for writing. After two years, his first serious work, the Queen Mab: A Philosophical Poem was published. The poem was a result of Shelley’s friendship with William Godwin, a British philosopher and as a form of exp​ression for freethinking Socialist philosophy of Godwin.

Shelley, during his life’s remaining 4 years, was able to produce his major works which include Prometheus Unbound in 1820. During their travels in different cities in Italy, Shelley was able to make friends with a British poet named Leigh Hunt.

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