Joseph Rudyard Kipling

A very well- celebrated poet and writer of his generation was Joseph Rudyard Kipling. Noted as one of the most brilliant writers in Britain even until today, his works were suitable for different generations from stories for adults about soldiers to books about different tales suitable for kids. Kipling was popular both as a writer of short stories or novels and as a poet as well.

Rudyard Kipling was actually born in India, but he was moved to England at the age of 5. The works of Kipling were regarded as influential especially because he used literature as an outlet to express his political views. Some of his most famous poems were “The White Man’s Burden” which was published in 1899, “Gunga Din” published in 1890, and “Mandalay” which was released on 1890 as well. Due to his success in literature, he has actually been awarded a Nobel Prize in the year 1907.

He is still considered as the youngest person to ever be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. During that time, Kipling was also the first English writer to receive such high recognition. As the political climate in Britain has changed, the views and the effects of Kipling’s work to the people also had switched with time. But even though that is the case, Kipling is still regarded as one of the most influential and successful poets of all time.

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