Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was one of the known members of the Fireside poets who were a very popular group of poets originating from New England and were considered close rivals to the popularity of poets from Britain. As a member of the Fireside poets, Henry Longfellow was from Maine. Aside from being a popular poet during his time, he was also a known educator and was able to teach at Harvard.

When Henry Longfellow was writing poems while he was still alive, his poems were greatly accepted and were very popular in the United States and even outside of the country. This could be because his poems were very simple and the points were actually clear. The themes of his poems were also relatable and can be followed by readers quickly. Unfortunately, this ease in the lines of his lyrical creations was criticized by some stating that his works were too focused to the masses.   

But Longfellow’s style in writing is actually one of the reasons why his works were extremely popular that time. Even after his death, many of his works were still popular. A lot of his themes were about legends and myths which paved the way for the development of Mythology in the United States.

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