Emily Elizabeth Dickinson

One of the unusual poets in American history is Emily Elizabeth Dickinson who lived from 1830 to 1886. Dickinson was actually not a popular poet when she was still alive but her works started to get noticed when she was already dead. Dickinson was actually part of a successful family from a town in Massachusetts. But unlike the rest of her family members, she was an introvert and did not really want to mingle with the other members of the community.

Although the popularity of Dickinson began to skyrocket after her death, she actually had a few published works when she was alive. Contrary to the belief of most people that her works began to be released when she died, there are actually less than a dozen of her poems that made it to local publications. But these works were heavily edited by the publishers to follow the norms of poems during that era.

Following Dickinson’s death, her younger sister was the one who found a stash of sheets with poems originally written by Dickinson when she was still alive. Some of her friends collected the poems and published a collection in the year 1890. It was in the year 1955 when a book of her poems which are mostly unedited was released. Today, after all the skepticisms, Emily Dickinson is now an important figure in American poetry.

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